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Gathiga Children's Hope Home

Street Address: Wangige, Kenya

Locality: Wangige

Region: Kenya


Helper in a Street Children Home -Kenya

Gathiga, Nairobi
Duration of Program
2 Weeks +
Dates of Program
All the Year Round
Both (group and independent)
Age Restrictions
18 Years +
Project Review

Gathiga Children's Hope Home is a Non-Profit Organization in Kenya, dedicated to help street children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused or those forced out of their homes due to the inability of their families to cater for their basic needs. All these is done with a view that children need proper care, guidance and opportunity to take charge of their lives. Currently the home has 96 children. 29 in Secondary School, 25 in Primary School and the other 42 in Nursery School. The Home was started by Lucy Njoki Ndegwa in 1996 in Gathiga village in Kenya. She was extremely disturbed at seeing so many young children on the streets of Nairobi eating from garbage cans and sleeping on the pavements without even a warm blanket to protect them from the elements. She begun visiting the children in the streets, talking and preaching to them. She showed them the love of God and the purpose of living. Some women joined her in backing the vision. She later invited the children to her home and after having a good time some decided to stay.... and that was the birth of Gathiga Children's Hope Home to-date. Six children were left on that day. As more and more children were dropped at her doorstep, she took this as a sign from God that forming a Children's Home was to be her work on Earth.

With no government assistance, the children‘s home is in a very poor condition. In its remote location, the orphanage is seemingly more "neglected" than orphanages in the larger towns. The organization currently depends solely on donations and volunteers assistance. There is a desperate need for food and education. Regular feeding of the children is a major problem and not all children can go to school as we do not have enough money for school fees, uniforms, shoes and supplies, even though the children want to go. Cost of medical care is also high. The children have gone through traumatic and physical abuse requiring specialized care.

Major Responsibilities

    Job Responsibilities: 

    We  need volunteers who are motivated to improve the lives of needy children. With our project Tuwape-Tumaini-Volunteers we look for volunteers who share our belief that every child deserves a home, love, proper care, guidance and the opportunity to develop positive values and become a responsible citizen in her/his community.

Cost/Program Fee
Contact us to know the price.

What program fee Includes

    Gathiga Children‘s Hope Home receives no governmental funding and rely solely on donations and fund raising. Volunteers are required to make a donation to ensure the continual existence of the Home. Basically, the project would not last long without regular funding and assistance from volunteers. By donating money the volunteers also allow the Home to employ local staff to help ensure the volunteers do not replace much needed local job opportunities. Further your fee will cover your accommodation arrangements and in most cases your food.

Skills/ Qualifications

Tuwape Tumaini Volunteers are not required to have any special skills or qualifications. All you need is the desire to help others and the patience and flexibility to deal with cultural differences. Things may not work or progress as smoothly as they do in your home country.

Arrangements for Room/Food

Room: Volunteers will be accommodated in a home stay situation. We select host families carefully to ensure that your stay with us is as pleasant and safe as possible. Our host families will make every possible effort to meet your needs and ensure you have a happy stay in their home. However, you should also have realistic expectations. Your host home may not have the same comforts as your own home does.

You can expect to share a room with one or two other volunteers but in some home stays volunteers get their own rooms. The rooms are simple but clean, your bed comes with sheets and blankets, of course, but we do ask you to bring a few extra sheets depending on how long you‘re planning to stay together with towels for your personal use. In case of problems between you and your host family that cannot be resolved you may be moved to another host family.

Food:The staple food of the people of the country consists of maize, beans, rice, bread, chapati and vegetables. Ugali is the national dish of the country. It is basically a cornmeal porridge eaten with chopped spinach or sukuma wiki (a leafy green vegetable). Potatoes are eaten in plenty over here and form the main ingredient in most of the dishes. We rarely have meat dishes at GCHH, simply because they are more expensive. If you wish to arrange your own food due to special dietary restrictions or preferences, then discuss it with the volunteer coordinator that you will be corresponding with so that this can be taken into account. Additionally, there are a large number of restaurants in Nairobi with food ranging from African, Asian specialities to fast food.

Application Process

Please apply through online application or contact the organization by email.

Any Missing Important Information

    We are appealing to well wishers and friends to support our initiative by donating what they can afford in terms of prayers, money and material support such as text and exercise books, clothes, food stuff and beddings, mattresses, medicine, stationary, cleaning facilities, cooking utensils etc. Though most clothing in Kenya adopts the western style of clothing, we suggest that you stick to jeans/pants or knee length shorts/skirt with tops that have sleeves as you will be working in an environment where you will serve as a role model to children. Comfortable shoes are a must, you will be on your feet a lot. In addition, depending upon the time of year, you may want to bring a jacket or sweater.

    Please note: Dark colored clothing is preferred because of dust or mud. Remember that you, your host family or someone you hire will do your laundry by hand.

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